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FIBA Basketball at the 2020 Olympic Games

Gold Medal USA
Silver Medal Serbia
Bronze Medal Spain
Gold: USA

Olympic Games Logo
2020 Olympic Games:

Summary and Information

First Round:
Full Schedule - Group A - Group B

Final Round:
Fixture and All the Scores

Final Standings

2020 Olympics - Results from all the games of the final stage

Date Stage Results
Aug 03, 2021 1/4 Finals Slovenia Slovenia 94 - 70 Germany Germany
Aug 03, 2021 1/4 Finals Italy Italy 75 - 84 France France
Aug 03, 2021 1/4 Finals Australia Australia 97 - 59 Argentina Argentina
Aug 03, 2021 1/4 Finals Spain Spain 81 - 95 USA USA
Aug 05, 2021 Semifinals France France 90 - 89 Slovenia Slovenia
Aug 05, 2021 Semifinals USA USA 97 - 78 Australia Australia
Aug 07, 2021 3rd Place Game Slovenia Slovenia 93 - 107 Australia Australia
Bronze Medal Bronze
Aug 07, 2021 Final Game France France 82 - 87 USA USA
Silver Silver Medal Gold Medal Gold
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International Basketball News:

May 2008: there are 9 National Teams that have their tickets to play at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008: Angola, Argentina, Australia, China, Iran, Lithuania, Russia, Spain and the United States, Many of the NBA greatest stars will be there, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, Andrei Kirilenko, Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd among them

-Feb 2008: Pau Gasol was sent to the Los Angeles Lakers in a trade that shocked the NBA

-July 2007: The San Antonio Spurs, that includes among its leaders international players of the size of Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker won another NBA Championship. Parker was selected Finals MVP.

-Sep 3: Pau Gasol was named MVP and part of the ideal quintet of the tournament. The other four are Manu Ginobili (Arg), Carmelo Anthony (USA), Jorge Garbajosa (Spa) and Theodoros Papaloukas (Gre).

- Sep 3: Greece didn't have a chance against the best team of the tournamet. Spain won 70-47 and is the 2006 World Champion.

- Sep 2: USA defeated an out-of-energy Argentina team 96-81 to get the Bronze Medal.

- Sep 2: Spain top player Pau Gasol will miss the final game because of a fracture.

- Sep 1: Spain and Greece will play the World Cup final game while top candidates United States and Argentina will have to fight for the bronze medal.

- Sep 1: In a day full of surprises Spain survived to Argentina's missed final shot and won 75-74.

- Sep 1: Greece shocked the basketball world by beating USA 101-95 in the WC semifinals

- Aug 30: As expected, the top 4 candidates (and winners of their respective groups) are going to play the semifinals: Argentina vs. Spain and Greece vs. USA. None of them has lost a game in the tournament.

- Aug 24: The first round of the World Cup came to an end and the brackets of the final round are ready.

- Aug 19, 2006: The FIBA 2006 World Championship started with victories of two of the top candidates, USA and Argentina.

- Jun 2006: Shaquille O'Neal won his fourth NBA championship. It was the first for Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade was selected the NBA Finals MVP

- Feb 2006: LeBron James scored 29 points and was selected MVP of the 2006 All-Star Game. Knicks Nate Robinson won the Slam dunk contest.

- Jun 2005: the NBA had a great finals with the Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs going for all the glory in game 7, the Spurs won their third title leaded by Finals MVP Tim Duncan and international superstar Manu Ginobili.

- May 2005: Argentine player and Gold Medallist Luis Scola was selected Regular Season MVP of the ABC (Spanish League) News:

- Aug 2006: added the rosters of the 2006 Japan World Championships and the basic history and rules of basketball.

- July 2006: added Kobe Bryant profile.

- July 2006: added information about the FIBA World Cup 2006.

-Dec 2005: we are adding the NBA teams the NBA section, starting with the top teams.

-Aug 2005: new section Michael Jordan profile

-Jul 2005: added new sections: Links and World Cup History and Winners

- Jul 2005: added information about the basketball Euroleague.

- Jun 2005: Added the NBA to the top tournaments including year by years champions and a summary of winners...