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FIBA Basketball World Championship:
Year by Year Champions
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FIBA Basketball World Cup:
Year by Year Champions

The Basketball World Championship or Basketball World Cup was created by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). It is held every four years between Olympic Games and was first held in Argentina in 1950. Until 2002, the top sixteen national basketball teams were part of every World Cup, but in Japan 2006 the number of participating nations was increased to 24 and in China 2019 to 32.

More Information: Year by year - Summary of winners - Winners by Continent

Year by year Basketball World Cup Champions:

Edition Year Host Country World Champion Second Third
I 1950 Argentina Argentina USA Chile
II 1954 Brazil USA Brazil Philippines
III 1959 Chile Brazil USA Chile
IV 1963 Brazil Brazil Yugoslavia USSR
V 1967 Uruguay USSR Yugoslavia Brazil
VI 1970 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Brazil USSR
VII 1974 Puerto Rico USSR Yugoslavia USA
VIII 1978 Philippines Yugoslavia USSR Brazil
IX 1982 Colombia USSR USA Yugoslavia
X 1986 Spain USA USSR Yugoslavia
XI 1990 Argentina Yugoslavia USSR USA
XII 1994 Canada USA Russia Croatia
XIII 1998 Greece Yugoslavia Russia USA
XIV 2002 USA Yugoslavia Argentina Germany
XV 2006 Japan Spain Greece USA
XVI 2010 Turkey USA Turkey Lithuania
XVII 2014 Spain USA Serbia France
XVIII 2019 China Spain Argentina France

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