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Dirk Nowitzki Picture

Dirk Nowitzki

Nowitzki took his Dallas Mavericks to the NBA Finals in 2005-06 and showed everybody that his success wasn't tied to Steve Nash, who left the team two seasons before.

Full Name: Dirk Werner Nowitzki

Nicknames: "German Sensation", "Wunderkind" (child prodigy), "The Dunking Deutschman"

Position: from small forward to center

Jersey Number: 41

Birth date: June 19, 1978

Place of Birth: Wurzburg, Germany

Plays: Right-handed

Teams: Dallas Mavericks (1998-99 / present)

Complete NBA Seasons: 10

Team Titles won:

NBA Championships: none
World Championship Medals: 1 - Bronze Medal 2002 WC

Personal Titles and Awards:

NBA Season MVP: 1 - 2006-07
2002 World Championships MVP
2005 European Championship MVP
All NBA First Team: 3 - 2004-05 and 2006-07
Selected for NBA All-Star Game: 7 - 2002 to 2008

Career highlights:
- 2005-06
: Dirk Nowitzki showed he can be a franchise player by leading Dallas to the NBA Finals.
- 2006-07; after a fantastic year Dirk Nowitzki won the Season MVP.

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Other interesting information:
Dirk Nowitzki won the Three-Point Shootout in 2006 becoming the tallest players to do so.


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