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Top Basketball Tournaments: African Championships
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Top Basketball Tournaments: African Championships

The African Championship (officially African Basketball Championships) is a basketball tournament played every two years between national teams of the African continent. Every second edition of the African Championship is also used as a qualifying tournament for the FIBA World Championships

Year by year African Championships Winners:

Year/Location Golden Medal
Final score Silver Medal
Bronze Medal
1962 Egypt Egypt   Sudan Morocco
1964 Morocco Morocco   Egypt Palestine
1965 Tunisia Morocco   Tunisia Algeria
1968 Morocco Senegal   Morocco Central African Rep.
1970 Egypt Egypt   Senegal Tunisia
1972 Senegal Senegal   Egypt Mali
1974 Central
African Rep.
Central African Rep.   Senegal Tunisia
1975 Egypt Egypt   Senegal Sudan
1978 Senegal Senegal   Ivory Coast Egypt
1980 Morocco Senegal   Ivory Coast Morocco
1981 Somalia Ivory Coast   Egypt Somalia
1983 Egypt Egypt   Angola Senegal
1985 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast   Angola Egypt
1987 Tunisia Central African Rep.   Egypt Angola
1989 Angola Angola   Egypt Senegal
1992 Egypt Angola   Senegal Egypt
1993 Kenya Angola   Egypt Senegal
1995 Algeria Angola   Senegal Nigeria
1997 Senegal Senegal   Nigeria Angola
1999 Angola Angola 79 - 72 Nigeria Egypt
2001 Morocco Angola 78 - 68 Algeria Egypt
2003 Egypt Angola 85 - 65 Nigeria Egypt
2005 Algeria Angola 70 - 61 Senegal Nigeria
2007 Angola Angola 86 - 72 Cameroon Cape Verde


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