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Spanish ACB League
(Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto or Basketball Clubs Association)

The ACB is the most important professional basketball league in Spain and is one of the top basketball tournaments of Europe. Although it started in 1983, the ACB is considered the continuation of the extinct Liga Nacional (National League), that was the Spanish premier league from 1956 to 1983.

The ACB includes 18 teams and is played under FIBA rules. In the regular season each team face the other 17 teams twice, and the top 8 teams compete in the playoffs in series that are played to the best of 5 games, this is, the first team that wins 3 games, wins the series. The old Liga Nacional (officially Liga Española de Baloncesto or Spanish League of Basketball) also consisted in two rounds in which every team faced the others twice, but there were no playoffs and the team who had collected more points at the end of the second round was considered the champion.

Year by year - Summary of winners

Year by year ACB and National League Champions

ACB Champions
Season Champion Second Result
2007-2008 Tau Cerámica FC Barcelona 3-0
2006-2007 Real Madrid Barcelona 3-1
2005-2006 Unicaja Malaga Tau Cerámica 3-0
2004- 2005 Real Madrid Tau Cerámica 3-2
2003- 2004 FC Barcelona Adecco Estudiantes 3-2
2002- 2003 FC Barcelona Pamesa Valencia 3-0
2001- 2002 Tau Cerámica Unicaja Málaga 3-0
2000- 2001 FC Barcelona Real Madrid 3-0
1999- 2000 Real Madrid FC Barcelona 3-2
1998- 1999 FC Barcelona Caja San Fernando Sevilla 3-0
1997- 1998 TDK Manresa TAU Cerámica 3-1
1996- 1997 FC Barcelona Real Madrid 3-2
1995- 1996 FC Barcelona Caja San Fernando Sevilla 3-0
1994- 1995 FC Barcelona Unicaja Málaga 3-2
1993- 1994 Real Madrid FC Barcelona 3-0
1992- 1993 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona 3-2
1991- 1992 Joventut de Badalona Real Madrid 3-2
1990- 1991 Joventut de Badalona FC Barcelona 3-1
1989- 1990 FC Barcelona Joventut de Badalona 3-0
1988- 1989 FC Barcelona Real Madrid 3-2
1987- 1988 FC Barcelona Real Madrid 3-2
1986- 1987 FC Barcelona Joventut de Badalona 3-1
1985- 1986 Real Madrid FC Barcelona 2-0
1984- 1985 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona 2-1
1983- 1984 Real Madrid FC Barcelona 2-1
Liga Nacional Champions (National League)
Season Champion Runner-up  
1982-1983 FC Barcelona Real Madrid  
1981-1982 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1980-1981 FC Barcelona Real Madrid  
1979-1980 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1978-1979 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1977-1978 Joventut de Badalona Real Madrid  
1976-1977 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1975-1976 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1974-1975 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1973-1974 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1972-1973 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona  
1971-1972 Real Madrid FC Barcelona  
1970-1971 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona  
1969-1970 Real Madrid Picadero  
1968-1969 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona  
1967-1968 Real Madrid Estudiantes  
1966-1967 Joventut de Badalona Real Madrid  
1965-1966 Real Madrid Picadero  
1964-1965 Real Madrid Picadero  
1963-1964 Real Madrid Picadero  
1962-1963 Real Madrid Estudiantes  
1961-1962 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona  
1960-1961 Real Madrid Orillo Verde  
1959-1960 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona  
1958-1959 FC Barcelona Real Madrid  
1957-1958 Real Madrid Joventut de Badalona  
1956-1957 Real Madrid    

Summary of ACB Spanish League Champions

Champion ACB Liga Nacional Total
Real Madrid 8 22 40
FC Barcelona 11 3 14
Joventut de Badalona 2 2 4
Tau Cerámica 2   1
TDK Manresa 1   1
Total 23 27 50


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