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Top Basketball Tournaments: South American Championships
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Top Basketball Tournaments: South American Championships


Year by year South American Championships Winners:

Year Location Golden Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal
2008 Puerto Montt (Chile) Argentina Uruguay Venezuela
2006 Caracas (Venezuela) Brazil Uruguay Argentina
2004 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Argentina Brazil Venezuela
2003 Montevideo (Uruguay) Brazil Argentina Uruguay
2001 Valdivia (Chile) Argentina Brazil Venezuela
1999 Bahia Blanca (Argentina) Brazil Argentina Venezuela
1997 Maracaibo (ven) Uruguay Venezuela Argentina
1995 Montevideo (Uruguay) Uruguay Argentina Brazil
1993 Brazil Brazil Argentina Venezuela
1991 Valencia (ven) Venezuela Brazil Argentina
1989 Guayaquil (Ecuador) Brazil Argentina Uruguay
1987 Asunción (Paraguay) Argentina Venezuela Brazil
1985 Medellín (Colombia) Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1983 São Paulo (Brazil) Brazil Argentina Uruguay
1981 Montevideo (Uruguay) Uruguay Brazil Argentina
1979 Bahia Blanca (Argentina) Argentina Brazil Uruguay
1977 Valdivia (Chile) Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1976 Medellín (Colombia) Argentina Brazil Uruguay
1973 Bogotá (Colombia) Brazil Argentina Peru
1971 Montevideo (Uruguay) Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1969 Montevideo (Uruguay) Uruguay Brazil Argentina
1968 Asunción (Paraguay) Brazil Uruguay Peru
1966 Mendoza (Argentina) Argentina Brazil Peru
1963 Lima (Peru) Brazil Peru Uruguay
1961 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1960 Córdoba (Argentina) Brazil Paraguay Argentina
1958 Santiago (Chile) Brazil Uruguay Paraguay
1955 San José de Cúcuta (Colombia) Uruguay Paraguay Brazil
1953 Montevideo (Uruguay) Uruguay Brazil Chile
1949 Asunción (Paraguay) Uruguay Brazil Chile
1947 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Uruguay Brazil Chile
1945 Guayaquil (Ecuador) Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1943 Lima (Peru) Argentina Uruguay Peru
1942 Santiago (Chile) Argentina Uruguay Chile
1941 Mendoza (Argentina) Argentina Peru Uruguay
1940 Montevideo (Uruguay) Uruguay Argentina Brazil
1939 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1938 Lima (Peru) Peru Argentina Uruguay
1937 Valparaiso (Chile) Chile Uruguay Brazil
1935 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Argentina Brazil Uruguay
1934 Buenos Aires (Argentina) Argentina Chile Brazil
1932 Santiago (Chile) Uruguay Chile Argentina
1930 Montevideo (Uruguay) Uruguay Argentina Brazil


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