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FIBA Basketball World Championship Japan 2006: Final Round, All the Scores
Tournament information, schedule, rosters, scores, and more.

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FIBA Basketball World Championship Japan 2006

Host Country:
Japan 2006 Basketball World Championships Logo
Japan 2006
Basketball World Championship 2006 Trophy
Logo Spain
Spain Flag

World Championship 2006:
Summary and Information - Rosters - Jerseys

First Round:
Full Schedule
Group A - Group B - Group C - Group D

Final Round:
Fixture and All the Scores

Final Standings
Leaders: Points - Assists - Rebounds - Steals

Basketball World Championship 2006 - Final Round Results:

1/8 final   1/4 final   Semi Finals   World Cup Final
Aug/26/2006, Saitama            
A1 Argentina Flag Argentina 79            
B4 New Zealand Flag New Zealand 62            
    Aug/29/2006, Saitama        
      Argentina Flag Argentina 83        
      Turkey Flag Turkey 58        
Aug/26/2006, Saitama                
C2 Turkey Flag Turkey 90              
D3 Slovenia Flag Slovenia 84              
          Sep/1/2006, Saitama    
          Argentina Flag Argentina 74    
          Spain Flag Spain 75    
Aug/26/2006, Saitama           Basketball World Championship 2006 World Champion:
Spain Flag Spain
B1 Spain Flag Spain 87          
A4 Serbia and Montenegro Flag Serbia & M. 75          
      Aug/29/2006, Saitama      
      Spain Flag Spain 89       CHAMPION
Aug/26/2006, Saitama     Lithuania Flag Lithuania 67       Sep/3/2006, Saitama
D2 Italy Flag Italy 68               Spain Flag Spain 70
C3 Lithuania Flag Lithuania 71               Greece Flag Greece 47
            3rd Place
Aug/27/2006, Saitama           Sep/2/2006, Saitama
C1 Greece Flag Greece 95             Argentina Flag Argentina 81
D4 China Flag China 64             United States Flag USA 96
      Aug/30/2006, Saitama        
      Greece Flag Greece 73        
Aug/27/2006, Saitama     France Flag France 56        
A2 France Flag France 68              
B3 Angola Flag Angola 62            
        Sep/1/2006, Saitama    
Aug/27/2006, Saitama         Greece Flag Greece 101    
D1 United States Flag USA 113         United States Flag USA 95    
C4 Australia Flag Australia 73            
    Aug/30/2006, Saitama        
        United States Flag USA 85        
      Germany Flag Germany 65       Turkey, Lithuania,
France & Germany
play for places
5th to 8th
Aug/27/2006, Saitama            
B2 Germany Flag Germany 78          
A3 Nigeria Flag Nigeria 77          

Games to define places from 5th to 8th:.
(played between the losers of quarter-finals games)

Aug/31/2006, Saitama    
  Turkey Flag Turkey 95    
  Lithuania Flag Lithuania 84    
    5th and 6th places
    Sep/2/2006, Saitama
      Turkey Flag Turkey 56
      France Flag France 64
    7th and 8th places
    Sep/3/2006, Saitama
      Lithuania Flag Lithuania 77
      Germany Flag Germany 62
Aug/31/2006, Saitama    
  France Flag France 75    
  Germany Flag Germany 73    



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