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Basketball at the 2008 Olympic Games: Angola roster, all the players
Roster information with player, position, team, and more.

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FIBA Basketball at the Olympic Games Beijing 2008

Host City:
Beijing 2008 Basketball World Championships Logo
Beijing 2008
Gold Medal United States
Silver Medal Spain
Bronze Medal Argentina
Gold: USA

2008 Olympic Games:
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First Round:
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Final Round:
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Final Standings
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Angola Jerseys Angola Jersey

In this page you have the complete roster with all the players of Angola Basketball National Team in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, including players name, position, jersey number and team.

The pictures on the left show the uniform worn by Angola in this Olympic tournament.

Grupo A Rosters - Angola Angola

# Name Pos Height Born Team
4 Olimpio Cipriano SF 194cm 6'4" 09/04/1982 Angola (Angola) Primero De Agosto
5 Armando Costa PG/SG 192cm 6'4" 03/06/1983 Angola (Angola) Primero De Agosto
6 Carlos Morais SG 190cm 6'3" 16/10/1985 Angola (Angola) Petro Atlético Luanda
7 Milton Barros PG 183cm 6'0" 21/06/1984 Angola (Angola) Petro Atlético Luanda
8 Luis Costa G 190cm 6'3" 07/06/1978 Angola (Angola) Petro Atlético Luanda
9 Vladimir Geronimo SF 193cm 6'4" 04/10/1978 Angola (Angola) Primero De Agosto
10 Joaquim Gomes PF 200cm 6'7" 23/12/1980 Angola (Angola) Primero De Agosto
11 Felizardo Ambrosio F 201cm 6'7" 25/12/1987 Angola (Angola) Primero De Agosto
12 Abdel Aziz Moussa C 204cm 6'8" 08/04/1980 Angola (Angola) Petro Atlético Luanda
13 Carlos Almeida SG 192cm 6'4" 24/09/1976 Angola (Angola) Primero De Agosto
14 Leonel Paulo F 198cm 6'6" 30/04/1986 Angola (Angola) Petro Atlético Luanda
15 Eduardo Mingas SF/PF 200cm 6'7" 29/01/1979 Angola (Angola) Petro Atlético Luanda
Average height:  194cm 6'4"

  Angola Head coach: Alberto De Carvalho

PG: Point Guard - SG: Shooting Guard - G: Guard
SF: Small Forward - PF: Power Forward - F: Forward - C: Center
* All dates have the format day/month/year

Olympic Games Beijing 2008 Basketball Rosters

If you want to review another squad please select it from the list below.

Group A Rosters Group B Rosters
Argentina Flag Argentina
Australia Flag Australia
Croatia Flag Croatia
Iran Flag Iran
Lithuania Flag Lithuania
Russia Flag Russia
Angola Flag Angola
China Flag China
Germany Flag Germany
Greece Flag Greece
Spain Flag Spain
United States United States
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