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Basketball Rules Comparison between FIBA and NBA
This page contains a general comparison between FIBA and NBA basketball rules.

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This page contains a general comparison between FIBA and NBA basketball rules.

Periods Four Four
Duration of Periods 10 minutes 12 minutes
Overtime Duration 5 minutes 5 minutes
Rest Time Between 1st / 2nd and 3rd / 4th Periods 2 minutes 2 minutes, 10 seconds
Length of Halftime 15 minutes 15 minutes
Court Length 91' 10" x 49' 2.5" 94' x 50'
Size of Lane 19 ' 8.2" x 19' 0.3" 16' x 19'
3-Point Line 20' 6.1 " 23' 9" (22' in corner)
Shot Clock 24 seconds 24 seconds
Shot Clock Reset FG attempt hits rim FG attempt hits rim
Back Court Violation 8 seconds 8 seconds
Game Clock Stops After Successful FG Last 2 minutes of 4th period and overtime Last 2 minutes of 4th period and overtime
Player Foul Limit 5 6
Bonus Free Throw 5th foul per period (two FTs) 5th foul per period (one-and-one only)
Number of Players Permitted On Free Throw Lane 5 (three defensive, two offensive) 5 (three defensive, two offensive)
Jump Ball Yes Yes
Legal Alley-Oop Yes Yes
Touch Ball On/Above Cylinder Yes, allowed Not allowed
Closely Guarded For 5 Seconds Yes (while holding the ball) No
Number of Referees Two (three can be used in competitions if the Zone or host federation wish to) Three
Timeouts in Regulation One 60-second in each of the 1st three periods, two 60-second in 4th period Six 60-second and one 20-second per half
Timeouts in O vertime 1 additional 60-second 3 additional 60-second
Timeouts Called By Coach Player in game
Size of Basketball Maximum Circumference
78 cm (30.7")
Around channels
29 1/2" to 29 3/4"
Across channels
29 5/8" to 29 7/8"
Legal Jersey Numbers only from 4 to 15 All numbers are allowed

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